Type Of Plumbing Pipe

Renovations are a great way to change up your scenery, without necessarily changing your lifestyle. And when it comes to getting bang for your buck, there’s no better place to renovate than the bathroom. Bathrooms generally offer the best renovation returns in terms of property value, comfort, and appearance. It’s easy to see why, as well. Some sleek new tiling, a brand new shower set up, and some creative storage solutions will bring your bathroom well into the 21st century.

But looks aren’t all there is to consider in a bathroom renovation. There’s also a practical side that requires some serious thought. Foremost, is the need for good quality, well-installed plumbing pipes. Unlike bedrooms and living rooms, bathrooms serve a very specific practical purpose. Aside from perhaps the kitchen, bathrooms need to place the most weight on functionality, out of any room in the house. A good set of plumbing pipes will allow you to do just that. And it doesn’t necessarily need to come at the expense of looks. So let’s take a look at some of the best plumbing pipe types for your renovation.

First, you have to look at your type of plumbing system to work out the best pipes for the job

Before you can land on any specific choice, you need to know what type of plumbing system you’re dealing with. There are many varieties of plumbing systems, and each is configured a little differently. They use different materials, different sizes, and all have their own configurations to fit the spaces they’re in. Sounds confusing, right? Well, not necessarily. If you’re in an old unit, you can generally expect the plumbing system to be of the type used when your building was constructed. Often, unit blocks keep their plumbing a little longer than houses, as it’s more difficult to replace. On the other hand, if you’re in a relatively new home, then your plumbing system is likely to be more standard in its configuration, and your options will probably include all of the latest plumbing materials. With that in mind, you can consult an expert to take a closer look and work out which types of plumbing pipe will suit you.

Let’s take a look at the different types of pipes used in plumbing, and their advantages

If you’re undertaking a bathroom renovation, chances are you’ll mostly be replacing the pipes you can see. Unless there are serious structural and functional issues with your plumbing, there’s not likely to be any need for complete overhauls. That means you can assess the sizing of the pipes you need to replace and try to find a type that looks nice, and fits where it needs to. Before you dive into your research, though, let’s have a look at what’s out there.

Starting with the obvious, there’s PVC plumbing pipes. These are at the front of the pack for two reasons. Firstly, they’re about as durable as it comes. PVC is tough stuff, and it can be shaped seamlessly. That means there’s unlikely to be an issue with blockage or poor performance down the track. Secondly, PVC is a pretty cheap substance. As a result, PVC piping is a nice, reliable, and affordable type of plumbing pipe.

Here’s the plumber’s pick for luxury pipe types

However, if you’re looking for a real focal point, why not think outside the square. One option that we simply love is copper. Copper is one of the more expensive types of plumbing pipe, but the finish it offers is simply stunning. If you have exposed pipes to replace in your bathroom renovations, copper is sure to stand out! It’s also durable. Copper is not prone to rust in the same way that other metals are, which makes it great for plumbing fittings. It’s live finish, and electric appearance makes it the perfect choice for renovations.

Plumbing pipe types are one choice to make – but what about choosing sizes?

It’s easy to spend a lot of time choosing the right type of plumbing pipe. But there are other factors that could impact your choice as well. The most notable of those is size. If you select a type of pipe that doesn’t seem to offer the measurements you need, then your renovation might be set back a little. That’s why we recommend getting some professional assistance early on. Plumbing sizes can be confusing, and they span imperial and metric measurements. The best way to keep your renovation on the front foot is to call in the pros. With professional help, you choose from a selection of options that you know will work.

When it comes to all plumbing materials, from pipes to fittings, aesthetics come into play!

As far as functionality goes, PVC piping is pretty hard to beat. It’s long lasting, durable, cheap, and easy to work with. But let’s face it, PVC isn’t what most renovators want in a visual sense. Of course, PVC is sure to make an appearance somewhere in your renovated plumbing system. But why not splash out in a more designer sense for those plumbing fittings and pipes that are visible? If that appeals to you, we suggest looking at products like stainless steel or copper. They’re both ideal for their durability and resistance to corrosion. And sure, they’ll cost a little bit extra, but renovations are all about the aesthetic!

Overall, there’s no clear winner, but here’s our take on the best type of plumbing pipe!

We can’t exactly name an outright winner in terms of the best type of plumbing pipe. But there’s plenty to think about! In terms of our favourite solutions, it’s hard to beat a good decorative metal and PVC combo. PVC is a great cost cutter in those places where looks don’t matter. It’s reliable and effective. But when it’s time to stand out, throw a little flare into the mix with some copper, brass, or steel. Even the smallest bit of colour will make all the difference.

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