Preparing for Storm Season in Queensland: 10 Expert Tips

It’s that time of year again – storm season in Queensland! And we are not just talking about the NRL. Storm season generally kicks off during the later weeks of September, when the temperature starts to rise once again. Anyone who has seen a classic Queensland storm will know that they can be stunning, to say the least. But they have a more sinister side too. Queensland storms are powerful and they move quickly.

When they catch you off guard, you can find yourself stuck in high winds, torrential rain and even hail. So how do you avoid such a predicament? Well, your best bet is to make a plan to help in preparing for storm season in Queensland. And we have some tips for you!

1. Preparing for storm season in Queensland? Check your roof gutters

When the next storm hits your house this storm season, you want to be ready. One thing that you absolutely must prepare for is rain. Rain is pretty much a certainty when it comes to Queensland storms. So naturally, you will need to start preparing your guttering for storm season in Queensland. The best way to do this is clear away any leaves. Leaves can block your gutters and cause them to overflow. This will result in water pouring over your roof and ultimately landing in areas that simply aren’t prepared for it.

2. Check your downpipes too!

So your guttering is up to scratch now, but what about your downpipes? Your guttering is nearly useless without clear and efficient downpipes as well! The downpipes around your home direct rainwater into areas that will drain it effectively. This will prevent flooding around your home, so you should get onto it promptly! Preparing for storm season in Queensland is all about foresight. So act now and enjoy the benefits next time a storm hits.

3. Got a blocked drain? Preparing for storm season in Queensland will involve fixing it

Almost all homeowners have that little project in the pipeline – that one job that always needs doing but never seems to get done. What is yours? If yours is a blocked drain somewhere around your property, now is the time to fix it! Storm season is looming large, and without flawless drainage you might encounter some serious problems. So get in touch with licenced plumbers and work with them when preparing for this storm season.

4. Got some garden waste lying around? That could problematic this storm season

Another great example of those little jobs that never get done is the garden! If you’re anything like most Queenslanders, you’ve probably got a little pile of garden waste stacked away somewhere discreet. But, whether it’s lawn clippings or hedge trimmings, it can wreak havoc with your drains. Strong winds this storm season could spread that garden waste across your property. If that happens, heavy rain will wash it into your drains, which could clog in a heartbeat! To give yourself the best chances of avoiding a flooded backyard, we suggest clearing away potential blockages.

5. Thinking ahead is the key to preparing for storm season in Queensland

So we’ve covered a few of the more immediate threats to your property during storm season. Now let’s look to the future. Is your plumbing really equipped for the next deluge? Your plumbing might be passable at present, but after some heavy rain and a whole lot of debris, that might change. But don’t worry – you can turn the odds in your favour now. Getting a plumber in to check over your drainage is a great way to prepare for storm season. If your plumber detects any pipe degradation, they can simply reline it!

6. Roots can tear your drainage apart, so be proactive this storm season!

One thing that most Queenslanders boast of is a glorious backyard. Our climate might bring some serious storms, but it also allows our plants to thrive – sometimes a little too much! If your backyard is home to some pretty serious foliage, your drains might be compromised. Believe it or not, roots can actually penetrate your drains quite easily! The encroachment of the roots can then collect debris as it flows through and block your pipes. Worse still, if your trees fall victim to the high winds of storm season, they can pull your pipes up with them! So get your pipes appraised by a licenced plumber as a part of your preparation this storm season.

7. Tie down loose items – storm season in Queensland is unpredictable!

Let’s move off the topic of rain for a minute and focus on another damaging aspect of storm season in Queensland: wind. Wind probably causes a similar amount of damage to that caused by torrential rain – possibly more. But in Queensland, we have stringent building codes and strong buildings. So what really causes the damage? The answer to that is projectiles. Items that would otherwise be innocuous can quickly turn into projectiles when a gale descends. So tie them down in advance and keep your windows intact!

8. Don’t park under a tree when preparing for storm season!

The one thing you simply can’t prevent during storm season is tree falls. When strong winds meet poorly rooted trees, a fall is sadly inevitable. But it will be a little less sad if your car is parked safely undercover!

9. Preparing for storm season in Queensland means preparing for hail

Hail – one of Southeast Queensland’s worst enemies. The destructive nature of hail is so large that evidence of its wrath can still be seen in the panels of cars today! So you need a plan. When hail next hits, it will hit fast – so know where to go. If you don’t have undercover parking, consider where your nearest undercover car park is located. Suburban shopping centres are usually a safe bet.

10. Do you live near a tidal waterway? If so, prepare your drains for a tidal influx!

We cannot reiterate strongly enough how important good drainage is during storm season. Especially if you live near a tidal waterway! People often think of drains as a one-way conduit for rainwater. But if it can go down, it can probably come up as well! If you are facing torrential rain and a high tide this storm season, the pressure on your drains is twofold. So get them up to scratch with the help of a licenced plumber and start preparing for storm season in Queensland!

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