Plumbing Issues You Should Never Try and Fix Yourself!

When it comes to the plumbing problems in your home, DIY plumbing jobs are often very different from other DIY projects related to painting or carpentry for example. Often smaller issues can be a sign of larger ones that if incorrectly dealt with, can severely affect your home’s entire plumbing system. Here are some plumbing issues that you should definitely not try to fix yourself.

Faulty hot water units

If you’re got a faulty hot water unit, then it is tempting to try to fix it yourself, especially if you are faced with a cold shower in the middle of winter! However, trying to repair a gas or electric hot water unit yourself can not only end up causing more damage, meddling with a combination of water and gas or electricity is obviously very dangerous. Also, leaks can be signs of corrosion, which can get worse over time, so it’s best to take action as soon as possible.

Before contacting a professional plumber, try and check where the leak is coming from – is the source the top or bottom of your system? If so, you should turn off electricity at your power board. If you’re having problems with a gas hot water system, turn off the gas at the tap or lever valve and isolate the water supply to the heater as above. Then turn off the water on the inlet pipe to the heater, or if you can’t find it, turn off the water at the mains water meter. Then call in a professional!

Drain or sewerage problems

Every household has probably experienced minor issues with clogged toilets and drains, and in terms of DIY plumbing, often the simple solution is to use a plunger to clear the blockage. However, if this doesn’t work, the problem could be more serious. Trying to fix bigger issues yourself won’t only be extremely smelly and messy, it could result in long-term damage to both your pipes and your neighbours’ pipes as well!

Expert plumbers have various ways to fix bigger drain and sewerage problems, including CCTV drain cameras and root cutting machines to clear severe clogs caused by tree roots.

Water and gas leaks

Regardless of whether it’s a small leak or a problem that’s causing massive flooding, tap and toilet leaks can cause a variety of issues and result in significant water wastage as well. Professional plumbers use advanced leak-detection equipment to identify where the leaks are coming from and can normally fix the issue quickly and efficiently.

When it comes to plumbing issues like gas leaks, these are extremely dangerous and can be a significant safety issue to both your household and your surrounding neighbourhood. This is because gas that has leaked can easily ignite when heat or fire is close to it. Always call a professional for these types of plumbing emergencies. 

Stormwater drain issues

Stormwater drains are pipes that connect other pipes from your home’s roof to sumps in the garden, which are low spaces that collect liquids such as water. In terms of stormwater collection, water is then discharged into the water table or into the drainage system in your street.

One of the most common plumbing problems in terms of stormwater drains results from blockages due to dirt, leaves, silt or tree roots that affect the flow of water in pipes. These need a professional to clear and they’ll often use a high water pressure drainage machine to do the job.

The other issue when it comes to stormwater drains is the incorrect installation of stormwater systems, which can lead to leakage and flooding risks. Erosion can also occur which may leak chemicals into your waterways.

Low or high water pressure

In terms of plumbing problems, if your water pressure is either too high or too low it can have a huge impact on your pipes. If there is too much pressure, over time pipes can wear out and become ineffective. Low water pressure generally occurs because of an obstruction that is impeding the flow of water.

While you might think things like a clogged shower head might be a DIY task if you’re experiencing water pressure issues it could be a sign of other bigger and more complicated issues that only a licensed plumber can fix.

Clogged drains

If you have a clogged drain in the shower or kitchen, you may be tempted to fix it yourself. However, things like plumbing snakes can damage drain pipes, and drain cleaners are normally full of toxic chemicals that emit strong fumes and can be dangerous to both people and pets. They can also wear out the protective lining in your sewerage pipes, which can lead to corrosion and leaks further down the track.

Clogs in drains caused by grease deposits are also not necessarily a simple matter. In some cases, it can wash out of the house and form a build up in the exterior sewerage pipes. This can attract other materials, lead to obstructions and compromise your entire draining system.

Other plumbing issues

There are a number of other issues that you should also call on your professional plumber to attend to. These include replacing shower heads, fixing burst pipes, any gas relating plumbing issue, sanitary drain maintenance, installing toilets, and changing or installing a garbage disposal unit or a dishwasher.

The importance of professional help

Yes, minor issues like a clogged drain may be able to be fixed yourself, however, it’s important to remember that most plumbing issues are cumulative and therefore can turn into severe problems over a period of time. That’s why it’s crucial that you call on a professional plumber even if you consider the issue to be minor. Small problems can become big problems very quickly and also become very expensive to rectify the longer you leave them.

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