How A CCTV Drain Camera Works

A blocked drain or pipe can strike unexpectedly. If you don’t have assistance from a plumbing expert with the right equipment, figuring out exactly what’s happening can be downright frustrating. 

If you’re experiencing ongoing difficulties with a blocked drain or pipe, we 100% recommend hiring a plumber with expertise in CCTV drain cameras to investigate the issue. This article will explore how drain camera inspections work and when it makes sense to hire something to inspect your plumbing system with a CCTV drain camera. 

Why Use A CCTV Drain Camera?

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) drain camera inspections is an incredible innovation in the plumbing industry. But what exactly are they? Essentially, they are a diagnostic tool that allows your plumber to accurately identify and locate the position and depth of a damaged pipe much quicker — without the need for excavation. 

Here at Yarrow Plumbing, our plumbers use CCTV drain camera technology to pinpoint exactly what is wreaking havoc on your plumbing system and fix it quickly. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, we can produce high-quality images with depth indication so you can know exactly what and where the problem is. 

When Are Drain Camera Inspections Necessary?

Drain camera inspections are most useful when: 

  1. The cause or location of your blocked drain is unknown
  2. Your blocked drain has been cleared and the blockage returns

In these cases, a drain camera inspection is your best bet to solve the mystery. If the problem keeps recurring, there’s likely a more complex problem that deserves further investigation. 

A CCTV drain camera can travel up to 60 metres down a pipe. This makes it perfect for investigating any pipe blockages on residential properties. 

Without a drain camera, identifying the exact cause of the blockage can be difficult. The alternative, which involves excavating the entire length of the drain, is both costly and time-consuming. 

Quick results

A drain camera inspection speeds up the process of identifying the cause of your blocked drain. 

Accurate diagnosis

Since the camera allows you to inspect the entire length of a problematic blocked drain, it allows your plumber to pinpoint the exact cause of the blockage accurately. They’ll know right away whether the problem is due to a clog, a tree root, a broken pipe or some other issue. 

With this knowledge, your plumber can confidently fix the cause of your blockage. The correct solution will be crystal clear. This means there’ll be no need to pay a plumber many times as they blindly attempt to solve the problem with ineffective methods. You’ll only need to pay once — that’s it. 

Saves time and money

CCTV is much more cost- and time-effective than excavating the entire length of the drain. 

Non-invasive and non-disruptive

One of the most appealing reasons to use a CCTV drain camera? They are completely non-invasive — no digging required! 

What Should I Do If My Drains Keep Blocking?

Our plumbers regularly identify drain problems that can be fixed with the assistance of a CCTV drain camera inspection:  

#1 Common Drain Problem: Cracked Or Broken Pipe

Why is a cracked or broken pipe a problem?

Cracks or breaks in pipework can result from many different factors, including earth compacting, ground movements or incorrect installation. A cracked or broken pipe can cause blockages by creating an obstruction inside the pipe or allow tree roots to grow into the drain, which can prevent water from flowing through your pipe. 

How a CCTV drain camera helps

In this situation, a CCTV drain camera will allow your plumber to quickly and precisely evaluate the damage and decide the best solution to repair the damaged pipe section. 

#2 Common Drain Problem: Pipe Sagging

Why is pipe sagging a problem?

Sagging or backfall in a drain is usually caused by poor installation, due to lack of fall and poor compaction around the pipe during the pipe laying. This can prevent water and solid materials from draining through your pipe. 

How a CCTV drain camera helps

With a CCTV drain camera, a plumber can detect where and how badly your pipe is sagging. From there, they’ll be able to work out the best way to perform the repair. Usually sagging or backfall can only be repaired by excavating and replacing the offending section of pipe.

#3 Common Drain Problem: Collapsed or Displaced Pipe

Why is a collapsed or displaced pipe a problem?

A collapsed or displaced pipe, resulting from incorrect installation, outdated materials, damage due to constant clearing of blockages or age, can block your drain, causing waste and water to be obstructed at the damaged section. 

How a CCTV drain camera helps

Without a CCTV drain camera, your plumber would not be able to assess this type of fault without excavating the entire drain, which can be an extremely expensive solution. A CCTV drain camera inspection is by far the most affordable way to detect a collapsed or displaced pipe. 

#4 Common Drain Problem: Tree Root Blockages

Why are tree root blockages a problem?

Tree blockages are especially common in sewer and stormwater drains. How do they occur? Tree roots naturally seek out and grow toward a reliable water source. If your house’s pipes are very old or have cracks, it’s not hard for even a tiny hair-like tree root to infiltrate the pipe. Once inside, the tree roots can grow into a thick, fibrous mass and eventually completely block or break through the pipes. 

How a CCTV drain camera helps

In the case of tree root blockages, a flexible CCTV drain camera will allow your plumber to assess where the tree roots have entered from, as well as any open pipe joins and the extent of the damaged pipework. Ultimately, knowing the extent of the damage will help your plumber decide on the best way to clear your blocked drain. This may involve the use of an electric eel, a high-powered hydro jet or a pipe replacement. 

How Does A CCTV Drain Camera Work?

Step #1: Drain Camera Inspection

First, we will inspect and identify the blockage using a CCTV drain camera. This will help us determine where the blockage is and why the blockage has occurred. 

Step #2: Fix The Issue

If tree roots or grease are blocking your pipe, the best way to clear the pipe is with jet rodding. 

If the blockage proves too solid, brute force may be required and an electric eel sent down to cut through the foreign matter. 

Step #3: Future CCTV Inspection

Once we have cleared the blockage, our CCTV damage camera can help clear debris to prevent future blockages. 

Yarrow Plumbing specialises in affordable CCTV drain camera inspections. For all your drain inspection needs, get in touch with Yarrow Plumbing today on (07) 3277 5742.