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Expert Tips To Remove Bathroom Limescale

bathroom limescale

We’ve all seen that crusty white film that often makes an unsightly appearance around taps, and in our baths, showers and toilets. It’s called limescale and it’s a calcium compound found on surfaces that come into regular contact with ‘hard’ water. Unattractive in the short run and potentially damaging in

Five Reasons You Might Have a Blocked Drain

Blocked Drain

Is there a gurgling sound coming from your bath? Or your kitchen sink draining way too slowly? Or your toilet overfilling with water? Then chances are you’ve got a blocked drain. But drain blockages are not only inconvenient, they can cause sewerage issues, a build-up of debris in your pipes,

How To Unblock Drains – Expert Tips

unblock drains

Blocked drains can occur in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry and blockages can be caused by a number of issues. These include ageing or broken pipes, large amounts of hair in the shower drain, fats and oils being disposed of down the sink, and sanitary items and excessive paper being

6 Reasons You Might Have A Leaky Roof In Your Home

Leaky Roof In Your Home

Leaky roofs are not just inconvenient they can also be hazardous. Leaks can promote mould, compromise installation, cause structural deterioration and they can even become fire hazards if they’re not dealt with quickly.

6 Drain Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid In Your Home

Blocked drains can occur anywhere in the home, from your exterior drains to your interior laundry, kitchen and bathroom drain, and the signs are usually fairly obvious. Your outside drains may be overflowing, water is slowly draining away in your laundry tub or shower, or your toilet may be making

When Should You Replace Your Hot Water System?

When Should You Replace Your Hot Water System?

Waking up to a cold shower is never fun, particularly in the midst of a freezing cold winter. And in the midst of all of these beautifully sunny summer days, you’re probably not thinking about your hot water system at all! Rather than waiting until woolly-sock-weather hits, why not consider

7 Water Saving Tips For Your Home

7 Water Saving Tips For Your Home

A significant amount of water is unnecessarily wasted in homes across Australia each year, which is alarming given that water is one of our planet’s most valuable resources. Conserving water helps reduce the need to build dams, decreases the production of wastewater, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. However, how do

Stormwater Drain Clearance: Tips From The Experts

Stormwater drain clearance

There is nothing quite like watching a dramatic summer thunderstorm rolling across a Brisbane horizon. When that storm is followed by a downpour of rain, it’s an even more satisfying experience, especially if you’ve got a thirsty garden to water!

Why Your Home Has Low Water Pressure!

Low Water Pressure

Everyone has experienced the annoyance of low water pressure. You go to run a nice warm bath and little more than a trickle comes out. How frustrating! But no matter what you try, you can’t seem to get your pressure back. What do you do? Well, the best thing you

Preparing For Storm Season in Queensland: 10 Expert Tips

Preparing for Storm Season in Queensland: 10 Expert Tips

It’s that time of year again – storm season in Queensland! And we are not just talking about the NRL. Storm season generally kicks off during the later weeks of September, when the temperature starts to rise once again. Anyone who has seen a classic Queensland storm will know that