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7 Water Saving Tips For Your Home

7 Water Saving Tips For Your Home

A significant amount of water is unnecessarily wasted in homes across Australia each year, which is alarming given that water is one of our planet’s most valuable resources. Conserving water helps reduce the need to build dams, decreases the production of wastewater, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. However, how do

Stormwater Drain Clearance: Tips From The Experts

Stormwater drain clearance

There is nothing quite like watching a dramatic summer thunderstorm rolling across a Brisbane horizon. When that storm is followed by a downpour of rain, it’s an even more satisfying experience, especially if you’ve got a thirsty garden to water!

Why Your Home Has Low Water Pressure!

Low Water Pressure

Everyone has experienced the annoyance of low water pressure. You go to run a nice warm bath and little more than a trickle comes out. How frustrating! But no matter what you try, you can’t seem to get your pressure back. What do you do? Well, the best thing you

Preparing For Storm Season in Queensland: 10 Expert Tips

Preparing for Storm Season in Queensland: 10 Expert Tips

It’s that time of year again – storm season in Queensland! And we are not just talking about the NRL. Storm season generally kicks off during the later weeks of September, when the temperature starts to rise once again. Anyone who has seen a classic Queensland storm will know that

5 Reasons Your Electric Hot Water System Is Not Working

5 Reasons Your Electric Hot Water System Is Not Working

No one likes having a cold shower, least of all when it comes as an unexpected early morning surprise. Sure, you might choose to put up with it while you’re on a camping trip – but you shouldn’t have to tolerate a cold shower from the comfort of home.

5 Signs That You Have a Plumbing Problem

5 Signs That You Have A Plumbing Problem!

Plumbing problems are one of the most irritating parts of owning a property. Some plumbing problems pop up out of nowhere, while others make their presence known over time as the facilities are used and the property ages. The most common plumbing problems are water leaks and blocked drains.

Five Common Plumbing Problems and How to Fix Them

5 Common Plumbing Problems And How to Fix Them

All properties require a maintenance schedule to keep all fixtures and appliances in order. Properties aren’t built to last forever and it’s important for owners to maintain their property to withstand issues that come with time and age. The plumbing to your property is one of those areas susceptible to

How To Prevent A Blocked Drain In Your Home

How To Prevent A Blocked Drain In Your Home

There’s nothing worse than trying to flush a blocked toilet or having a basin fill up with water as you wash your hands. A shower that pools with water at the base and a sink that holds water after the plug has been taken out after washing up, are all


What Not To Flush

Baby Wipes, Cotton Balls, Cotton Buds, Sanitary Products, Cleaning Wipes and Face Wipes need to be placed in a bin not flushed down your toilet. No matter what the product packaging says, most of our personal healthcare and beauty products must never be disposed of down the toilet. Many of


Are You Wasting Water And Losing Money

With utility bills on the rise and causing hip pocket pain, there’s little doubt that in recent years we’ve had to rethink the way we use electricity and water. We can’t help you with electricity, but as well as saving the day with blocked drains and burst pipes, as plumbers